Mazzoni’s Organic Farming aims at the Middle East and Eastern Europe


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In 2021, Very Bio, the business unit of Mazzoni Group from Ferrara dedicated to Italian Organic Farming, opened for the first time to exports outside Europe, targeting the Middle Eastern markets of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
At the same time, the expansion in Europe continues after the opening, in 2020, of the German market (historical European destination of the company) to organic bergamot which has been exported since November 2021 to another well-established European destination for the company, Poland.
We talked about it with Francesco Ricchieri, sales manager of Very Bio, last November at The Rome Table 2021.
“Italian organic is popular abroad, especially in Middle Eastern countries – Ricchieri told us -. They recognize our ability to do it well and appreciate it more than the organic produced in other European countries. We started a year ago with the exports of organic bergamot to the German market, and since November we have also shipped bergamot to Poland. For the first time, this year we have looked outside the EU borders. We have started exporting our organic products to the United Arab Emirates and we are also targeting Saudi Arabia where negotiations with some important importers are at an advanced stage”. “These are – Ricchieri underlined – basic products such as organic carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and onions as regards the category of vegetables. For fruit, we export apples, our yellow kiwifruit Soreli and, when available, pears as well. These are classic products for which the Arab market does not have its own production”.
– What are your main competitors in these markets?
“Probably the Dutch who are good exporters but the preference given to organic made in Italy is undeniable, which is universally recognized as a synonym of great quality”.
– What about new products?
“We are offering a mix of coloured, orange, white and purple carrots with yellow flesh. We had already launched them in the past but this year we are pushing on storytelling and mass communication also thanks to the collaboration with one of the main Italian e-commerce players”.
Mariangela Latella

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