VIP at Biofach with its organic apples available throughout the year

Gerhard Eberhöfer

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VIP, the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives of Val Venosta, is a historical and unfailing presence at the Biofach in Nuremberg and could not miss this summer edition in 2022 with the leading varieties of its famous and widely appreciated organic apples in Europe.

VIP is considered the leader of organic apples in Europe, both in terms of quality and quantity, and guarantees the availability of organic products for 12 months of the year. Val Venosta has ideal climatic conditions for apple cultivation. About 280 farmers in the valley are involved in organic farming on small family businesses.

Val Venosta’s organic producers meet the strict guidelines of the Bioland or Demeter associations, which go far beyond the EU legal standards for organic farming.

As First Class Apple Partner, VIP not only guarantees a high quality product that comes 100% from its associated growers, but is also at the forefront of technical innovations in processing and offers reliable customer service.

“Respect for the environment and sustainability have always played an extremely important role in all our processes, from cultivation to commercialisation”, explains Gerhard Eberhöfer, organic sales manager at VIP.

In the modern, high-capacity organic packaging plant, VIP guarantees gentle processing and complete traceability of every organic apple.

“Our assortment includes organic apples for all tastes and, thanks to our variety, we are able to supply our customers with organic products from Val Venosta all year round”, affirms Eberhöfer.

For apple lovers, VIP not only offers a quality organic product, but also maximum transparency and information.
On the internet platform ‘BioGraphy’, every consumer can trace back the organic farmer in Val Venosta who grew the purchased apple by a label on the packaging and learn interesting information about his history, organic farming and available apple varieties.

At Biofach 2022, VIP is present in Hall 7, Stand 361.

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