Italian organic salads at Biofach 2022 with OP La Maggiolina

OP La Maggiolina

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A leading Italian company in the field of packaged, unwashed organic salads will be present at Biofach 2022, which opens tomorrow in Nuremberg.

It is the Association of Producers (OP) La Maggiolina, that is made up of fourteen associate producers in three different regions of Italy: Lombardy, Campania and Veneto.
Thanks to our fields in Eboli (Salerno), in the Sele Plain, La Maggiolina is able to guarantee maximum production continuity throughout the year. The farmland is extensive, amounting to a total of 320 hectares, all equipped with glasshouses, 200 of which are organic.

The produce is mainly dispatched to the international market and is ordered in by the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Austria, and the United Kingdom.
The importance of the foreign market makes the operating headquarters in the Lombardy region crucial from a logistical point of view: being really close to the road junctions that connect to the main European routes guarantees shorter delivery times and ensures that products are always fresh on the shelves of supermarkets abroad.

The varieties of salad available – basically all baby leaf varieties required by the market today, including oriental varieties – allow OP La Maggiolina to create new mixes on specific customer request. All products are 1st range and must therefore be cleaned and washed before consumption.

Thanks to its membership of the BIA Consortium, La Maggiolina is also able to offer the market a wide assortment of organic fruit and vegetables, as recently announced by the top manager and founder of OP La Maggiolina, Santo Bellina.

International visitors to Biofach have the opportunity to meet this important Italian company in Hall 1, Stand 417 at Biofach.

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