One out of two Canadians recognizes the quality of Italian organic

One out of two Canadians recognizes the quality of Italian organic

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Figures of organic in Canada are positive: over 1.3 million hectares cultivated according to the organic method (+ 88% from 2010 to 2019) and 5,677 producers (+ 50%). Sales of organic products on the domestic market reach 3.5 billion euros (+ 83% from 2010 to 2019) which represent 3% of world sales and make Canada the sixth market in the world for consumption of organic products.
In Canada, nearly 8 out of 10 households (76%) have consumed an organic-labeled food product or drink in the past 12 months. Although Ontario is overall the most important market for organic in Canada in absolute terms, British Columbia and Québec have the highest market share: here, in fact, organic products reach respectively 83% and 82% of consumers. Other targets in which the appeal of organic products is very strong are that of young people (85%) and families with preschool children, where the penetration rate is even 90%.
Canada is one of the most promising markets for Italian organic. Canadian consumers seek the quality guarantees offered by the organic brand and see Made in Italy as a distinctive factor for some specific product categories: extra virgin olive oil, cheeses, pureed / canned vegetables. There is very strong interest and appreciation for Italian origins on pasta and wine.
As emerged from a survey conducted by the Nomisma agency in Bologna, Italy is the Canadian consumers’ second choice, after the United States, among the countries that produce the highest quality organic products. Overall, the quality of Italian organic is considered superior to that of other countries by 50% of Canadians.
In 2021, sales of Italian organic agri-food products on international markets reached 3 billion euros, recording an 11% growth compared to 2020.

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