Il 9 dicembre online il summit dei produttori bio del Nordamerica

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L’Associazione dei produttori di prodotti biologici del Nordamerica, Organic Produce Network, fondata nel 2017, annuncia per il 9 dicembre il summit annuale, versione online, accessibile liberamente ovviamente da chi capisce l’inglese. Qui di seguito l’annuncio in lingua originale:

“While the Organic Grower Summit will not be held as a live in-person event this year, a virtual keynote event featuring leaders of three of the nation’s most recognized and progressive organic growers has been scheduled for December 9. The OGS Grower Roundtable 2020, available for free viewing, will explore the opportunities, challenges, and issues facing producers in the organic fresh fruit and vegetable marketplace.
Moderated by Dave Puglia, President and CEO of Western Growers Association, the virtual OGS Grower Roundtable 2020 is designed to provide an insightful exchange of ideas and information on topics related to organic fresh produce production including labor, ag technology, regulatory challenges, supply chain issues, post-election analysis, and a look into 2021 and beyond.
Panelists for the event include Bruce Taylor, President, Taylor Farms/Earthbound Farm; Vic Smith, President, JV Smith Companies; and Soren Bjorn, President, Driscoll’s of the Americas.
“Organic fresh produce continues to be one of the fastest growing and dynamic segments of agriculture, registering double digit growth over the past decade. I look forward to discussing some of the most important issues of organic production with three of the most respected leaders in the organic fresh produce industry,” Puglia said. “Sharing their insight on the challenges and opportunities we have in front of us today, and into the future, will be valuable for growers, retailers, and allied members of our industry.”
Organic Grower Summit 2020, hosted by the Organic Produce Network, was originally slated for December 9-10, and cancelled in July of this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The OGS Grower Roundtable 2020 marks the third in a series of virtual events presented by OPN featuring leaders in the organic industry sharing their thoughts during this challenging year, and how the organic fresh produce industry continues to show double-digit sales growth.

For more information: Matt Seeley – Organic Produce Network –

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